Welcome to the IoT Pentesting Guide

The IoT penetration testing guide will serve as a useful resource for anyone who performs IoT pentests or want to get started in the Internet of Things penetration testing. This document is constantly being updated, so please check back again in a few days for more updates.

For inputs, feedback and criticism - please send an email directly to our email and we will incorporate the changes if found useful.

About the document:

The document consists of 5 major sections:

  1. Embedded Device Hacking
  2. Firmware Hacking
  3. Hacking Communications
  4. Mobile and Web endpoints
  5. Radio security assessment

All of the above sections include the various vulnerabilities that you can look for in those components including the testing methodologies and tools to be used.


This document has been written by Aditya Gupta (@adi1391) along with contributions from the team at Attify.

Additional Resources:

For more resources on IoT exploitation, check the Additional IoT Pentesting Resources section of this document.

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