Hacking Communications (Mobile and Web)

  • Reverse engineer the mobile application

    • (jadx appname.apk)
  • Does it reveal any information on how the device communicates with the mobile app and vice-versa?

    • ports which are being used
    • hardcoded firmware download URLs
    • Command messaging format
    • Hardcoded SSIDs
    • Hardcoded encryption keys
  • Intercept the traffic using a proxy tool

  • Does the traffic interception reveal any details?

    • Use the mobile application to communicate with the target device to see what kind of traffic is being sent .
  • Does it used MQTT?

    • What topics are being used?
    • Is the communication happening over a secure channel?
    • Can you subscribe to any topic?
    • Can you publish to the topics?
    • Is there authentication being used?
  • Is the COAP implementation secure?

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