Radio Security issues

  • What radio communication protocols is the target device using
  • What frequency is the communication happening on
  • Identify spikes in that frequency via GQRX whenever data is being transferred
  • Can you sniff the radio communication
  • BLE
    • Use Ubertooth or Adafruit BLE Sniffer to sniff the communication
    • Identify the handles being read and written
    • Can you write those handles by yourself using gatttool
    • Are replay attacks possible?
    • Jamming based attacks
    • Is the communication encrypted
      • Yes
        • did you capture the initial key exchange communication
        • can you decrypt the communication via other ways (brute forcing the keys)
      • No
        • Is sensitive information being passed in clear text?
  • ZigBee
    • Use ZigBee sniffer to sniff the ZigBee communications happening
    • Identify the channel on which ZigBee devices are communicating
    • Is the communication encrypted?
    • Did you capture the key exchange or found the key on the device or firmware
    • Are you able to decrypt the communication
    • Can you replay the communication packets to make the device act again
    • Replay and Jamming based attacks

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